Valve Postpones DPC 2021/22 Tour II: China Matches to April 8

Sad news comes from China. A month ago, a new outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in the country, and now the Chinese authorities are planning to conduct mass testing to identify new strains.

To do this, a massive lockdown is being introduced in Shanghai, which means the freezing of some functions of the city and a ban on crowds. Recall that DPC 2021/22 Tour II: China is being held in a LAN format, which means crowds of people.

DPC 2021/22 Tour II: China matches will be suspended from March 30th. Regional competitions will resume on April 8.


DPC 2021/22 Tour II: China started on March 15th and will run until April 22nd. At the tournament, the teams compete for a total prize pool of $280,000, DPC points and trips to the Major.