Dota 2 has released the "Spring Cleaning" update, fixing a lot of bugs

Today, March 25, Dota 2 received a fresh update "Spring Cleaning", which is designed to fix a lot of bugs and make changes to a number of game features. We offer you to get acquainted with the main innovations and improvements that fans can experience.

Updated item descriptions for Aghanim' Scepter and Aghanim Shard

Dota 2 has been updated

Tooltips have become more detailed, giving players more information. The developers also tried to make the descriptions more understandable.

Changed the system of ignoring players

Dota 2 has been updated

Added one single button (instead of four previously) that allows you to mute a player in both chats and report them. By right-clicking, you can choose whether the player's messages on which of the communication channels to ignore: text or voice. A button to ignore the entire command has also become available. In this regard, the attitude towards complaints about communication will be revised.

Store Search Update

Dota 2 has been updated

Product store search has been enhanced with improved keyword support, including a display that highlights searched attributes.

Hero Test Mode Improvements

Hero Trial Mode has been redesigned to include new features:

Strengthening the color range of markings and hints on items

Now you can see exactly what bonuses give attributes from the item. Damage stats on spells are colored based on damage type.

Gameplay Improvements

Interface changes

Performance refinement

The full list of innovations can be found on the official update page.