Cooman on a possible new mid lane OG: "This guy, by the way, is overrated"

Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzaev noted the dubious play of Bozhidar bzm Georgiev-Bogdanov (previously played under the nickname hansha) on Puck in matchmaking against the "thousand-man".

Cooman noted that bzm will become the mid lane of OG, stated that he is overrated, and his main coolness is in his youth and prospects for development. Zaur doesn't really believe that bzm can become the same mid lane as gpk.

Presumably, there will be many young players in the new OG roster, there will be a Ukrainian spAce on the carry, and the entire roster will be built around Misha, who was the OG coach at the recent The International 10. It is also quite possible that OG will have Taiga, ATF and bzm (aka hansha).

Possible OG line-up