RAMZES666 and fng will be on the same team?

There are many rumors about the new team of Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev. This time, he will play in the same team with Artyom fng Barshak, who left Alliance.

There are a lot of thoughts that RAMZES666 and the depressed kid will play together, in almost all rumors. Therefore, we can conclude that we will definitely see this duet in some club.

Earlier, there was a rumor that RAMZES666 will play in Virtus.pro, but apparently it did not pass the test. There was also information that RAMZES666 will play with 9pasha, lil me alone, Save and depressed kid. So far, none of these players have been announced for any team, but, most likely, instead of Save, fng may well appear.

A possible composition with RAMZES666 might look like this