BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA: Army Geniuses Made It To Top 2

The eighth game day of BTS Pro Series Season 9 Southeast Asia has come to an end. In it, Yangon Galacticos and Army Geniuses were able to surprise the audience and performed quite well, while Nigma Galaxy SEA and Omega Gaming were less fortunate. Polaris Esports and OB.Neon, in turn, drew.

The first confrontation of the eighth game day was held with the participation of Polaris Esports and OB.Neon. There, on the first map, OB.Neon defeated their opponents in 40 minutes. The Polaris players didn't like it and they rallied and played well in the second map of this Bo2-fight. It was finished in favor of Polaris in 36 minutes and ended in a draw.

In the second match, Nigma Galaxy SEA and Yangon Galacticos met face to face. The teams showed a rather lengthy battle, where Nigma Galaxy SEA lost on the first map in 48 minutes, and on the second they held out longer, but in 50 minutes Yangon Galacticos were able to put an end to this confrontation, breaking the throne of their enemy.

In the final match, Army Geniuses showed a rather aggressive onslaught in the first map against Omega and gained the upper hand in 27 minutes. In the second map, Omega Esports were closer to victory than on the first, however, after lasting 44 minutes, their throne fell again.

The results influenced the group stage table as follows:

The ninth game day will give us four matches. In the first one, BOOM Esports will try to keep the lead by fighting against Motivate.Trust Gaming, in the second one - Omega Esports will try to break into the top 8 by playing with the same Motivate.Trust Gaming. Nigma Galaxy SEA, in turn, will play against Polaris Esports, while Execration will face off against Yangon Galacticos.

Teams' current position in the group stage


BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA kicked off on October 29 and ends on November 14. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 60,000. The winner will claim the main prize of $ 24,000, while the silver medalist will receive the second largest prize of $ 13,800. The third-place team in the leaderboard will earn $ 7,900. The championship is held online. The bands are playing in the group stage right now. The top 4 participants will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, the 4th to 8th places - to the lower bracket, and the team located on the 9th line in the group stage table will finish their journey in the event very first.