BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA: Execration Closes Distance With OB.Neon To Top 4

The seventh game day has come to an end. It ended in success for Execration, and a failure for Omega Gaming. The rest of the teams that played today came to a fighting draw and practically did not move from their places in the group stage table.

The first meeting of the seventh game day was attended by OB.Neon and Yangon Galacticos. The first map was completed in 40 minutes in favor of OB.Neon. Yangon Galacticos, in turn, decided to draw the game and took the second map of this Bo2-fight in 38 minutes. In the second confrontation, Execration faced off against Omega Gaming. The representatives of the first team won on two maps and did not let Omega Gaming close this meeting with a draw. The maps were completed in 49 and 48 minutes. In the third confrontation, the scenario of the match was similar to the debut match of the seventh game day. Army Geniuses beat their opponents in 34 minutes, after which Nigma Galaxy SEA made a comeback and took the second map in 67 minutes.

Such results have led to the fact that OB.Neon is in 3rd place with 2-2-1 statistics, and the top 4 closes Execration with a 1-3-2 result. Yangon Galacticos and Army Geniuses tied for 7th in the group stage, while Nigma Galaxy SEA ranked 5th. Omega Esports are still in the same position as before, they cannot get into the top 8 and they are still threatened with being knocked out of the championship.


BTS Pro Series Season 9 SEA kicked off on October 29 and ends on November 14. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 60,000. The winner will claim the main prize of $ 24,000, while the silver medalist will receive the second largest prize of $ 13,800. The third-place team in the leaderboard will earn $ 7,900. The championship is held online. The bands are playing in the group stage right now. The top 4 participants will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, the 4th to 8th places - to the lower bracket, and the team located on the 9th line in the group stage table will finish their journey in the event very first.