NaVi.n0tail - OG player showed how he looks in the form of Natus Vincere

On his Twitter account and other social networks, Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein posted his photos in a Natus Vincere jersey with a name print on the back. He thanked Alexander 's1mple' Kostylev from Natus Vincere for such an interesting gift. According to n0tail, this form looks very dangerous on him.

In the comments, fans are already building different guesses and theories. Some even joke that after the completion of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, in which s1mple takes part, where, in their opinion, he will definitely win, n0tail, together with s1mple, will join forces and win the next The International. Timmate n0tail Sumail 'SumaiL' Hassan appreciated the esportsman's appearance and asked s1mple and n0tail to call him if they are going to play Dota 2.

At the moment Natus Vincere are fighting for the title of the winner of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. "Born to Win" started their journey from the Legends Stage. The first three matches against Heroic, and NiP ended in victory for NAVI. Born to Win and G2 Esports were the first teams to make it to the playoffs and make it to the top 8 of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Valve recently announced that only the top 8 will be able to profit from the sale of personalized stickers. The total prize pool of the CS: GO Major tournament is $ 2,000,000. The winner will claim $ 1,000,000, while the runner-up team will receive $ 300,000.