"I'm not sure we'll keep the roster" - the results of The International 10 from Virtus.pro

In a new video on the Virtus.pro channel, the Dota 2 squad players summed up the results of the past The International 10. Problems with drafts and pressure were cited as the main reasons. There was also the team's team pick against Team Spirit in key fights.

The Virtus.pro coach noted that the MVP TI10 in their roster is Save. Vitaly plans to watch The International 10 replays after returning home and try to improve his game.

Regarding the reshuffles, gpk does not think that the roster will remain, since the problem still remains the same. Earlier, there were assumptions that Dmitry DM Dorokhin would leave the roster, and Vitaly Save Melnik changed the nickname in the incentive to "lft" - "looking for team", but it is hard to believe that Save will leave the "bears".