Interesting ideas: one of the Dota 2 fans suggested adding visual differences in the forest near the captured outpost

On the reddit forum, one of the local guests, who is known under the pseudonym Bumblebee_86, talked about how you can improve Dota 2. In his opinion, the forest near the captured outposts lacks some visual differences. Such an innovation will help you visually quickly distinguish, which will help you quickly navigate and add a little atmosphere. He suggests Valve could add such differences as prosperity and decline. For example, if an outpost on the side of the world is captured by the forces of darkness, then part of the forest could have fallen leaves and decaying trees. Otherwise, the forest might bloom. Similarly, it could be on the side of darkness - if their outpost were captured by the forces of light, then in the middle of the dark forest the harmony of light would reign.

Bumblebee_86 expressed his thoughts as follows:

It would be nice if we could see and even feel that one side really dominates the other when it has an advantage. Because now it just changes the experience and some other little things, but it is almost not felt. You cannot tell or feel how much the capture of an outpost affected the hero or the game, it is better reflected visually.

Part of the audience reacted positively to this idea and believe that Valve really could do something about it. Other users felt that the Dota 2 developers in the future may abandon the mechanics with outposts, and therefore it would be too expensive for them to implement this idea. A fan has already created a petition collecting signatures to get Valve's attention. The latter, by the way, have not yet reacted in any way to his appeal.

The idea from Bumblebee_86 is nothing new in the world of MOBA games. A similar project from Riot Games, League of Legends, has such a mechanic. After the destruction of the first two dragons, the game map is completely rebuilt.

Dota 2 was last updated on September 26, a week and a half before The International 10. Then the game was updated to version 7.30d. The information about when the next patch for the game will be released is still unknown. Estimated date: close to the end of November. Recently it became known that Valve will add another new hero to Dota 2. It will be Marci from the Dota 2 anime adaptation from Netflix.