STARper Hub show has collected over 5,000,000 hours of views and entered the top 3 streams on The International 10

Crystal Maiden and Gyrocopter by NS and Faker

During The International 10, Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov's show STARper Hub became really popular in the vastness of the Dota community. Viewers rated his product quite highly, and therefore STARper Hub was able to collect more than 5,000,000 views, which helped the NS channel enter the top 3 streams on TI10 in this indicator. This information was shared by the analytical service Streamcharts.

In terms of popularity, the show bypassed all broadcasts with the exception of official streams from Valve.

During the matches of the final stage of the Dota 2 World Championship, the Russian-language stream The International 10 with the name dota2ti_ru was the undisputed leader in terms of hours of views. The English-language broadcast of dota2ti lagged slightly behind the Russian-language broadcast, but still had good indicators. By the way, both streams had a total of over 18,000,000 views, while the Russian broadcast had over 813,000 viewers at its peak, and the English-language broadcast had 535,000+. The Russian-language stream lasted a little longer than the English one, and besides, dota2ti_ru had a broadcast on YouTube, the audience of which overcame the threshold of 200,000 viewers simultaneously watching what was happening.

Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov, in turn, collected over 1,700,000 hours of views during the group stage, and another 3,500,000 hours during the playoffs. Earlier we reported that NS broke his personal best peak on stream.
Twitch, however, has again managed to reach new heights. His show was watched simultaneously by over 90,000 people.
After Yaroslav Kuznetsov, Yanne 'Gorgc' Stafanovski, former HellRaisers representative Alexander 'Nix' Levin, Weising 'SingSing' Yuen, ex-Natus Vincere player Bogdan 'Iceberg' Vasilenko, LightFuryLF and two official streams on The International for natives of Spain and Portugal.
STARper Hub is a kind of informal studio that covered The International 10. Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov had various guests who made the event more fun. Actually, from the title photo, you can see the format of the broadcast and make sure that the STARper Hub is unusual. NS conceived the project as just entertainment content and did not at all expect such a wave of popularity that rose towards STARper Hub. Moreover, Yaroslav did not expect that with his help it would be possible to break all the records of personal peak online and reach the mark of 90,000 simultaneously watching viewers of what is happening on the screen.
The International 2021 kicked off from October 7th to 17th. The total prize fund of the championship was $ 40,018,195, and 18 best teams in the world were involved in its distribution, representing six playing regions: North America, South America, CIS, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. 12 teams took part in the tenth The International due to the required number of rating points gained during the Dota Pro Circuit 2020/2021 season. The other six teams got the opportunity to play thanks to the regional qualifications.

The International 10 final table