9pasha: "A new season will begin and I will understand if I want to play it at all"

Pavel 9pasha Khvastunov shared his thoughts on continuing his career as a professional player in the new season. 9pasha attended this The International 10 as an analyst. The extreme team for him was HellRaisers.

On the Russian-language broadcast, 9pasha noted that he does not really know about the role change yet. Pavel is looking forward to the new season to see if he wants to play in it at all. Is there a place where 9pasha would like to perform. If not, he will score "just nafig" for this game. Pasha will either "go to work" or stream.

With such a statement, 9pasha indirectly confirmed that he is unlikely to continue playing in HellRaisers and it is not a fact that he will continue his career as a professional player.