TI10: Team Aster Wanted To Play In A Substitution Tournament

Vitaly v1lat Volochay said in one of his videos that Team Aster asked Valve to allow them to replace the mid lane, but they were refused. PGL was allowed to make a substitution, but only for a coach.

Upon arrival in Bucharest, on October 1, it became known that all the players and Team Aster employees passed positive tests for the COVID-19 coronavirus, and their mid-lancer White Album's health deteriorated.

Information appeared on Liquipedia that a replacement was announced for Team Aster - 86, who is a mid lane and assistant coach. Whether he will play is a huge question, the adventures of the Chinese at TI10 continue.

Despite COVID-19, Team Aster will play at The International 10 from their rooms, they have matches with Evil Geniuses and Undying today. According to the latest information, White Album will not play in these matches.

Team Aster roster at The International 10