The Dota 2 Champions League group stage has been extended to tiebreaks

The group stage matches are almost over. The planned ones have already been completed, then there are tie-breaks that will determine the fourth participant in the upper bracket of the playoff stage.

In the first match of yesterday's game day, B8 Esports beat Khan with a score of 2-0. Winstrike were defeated 1–2 against V, and Brame did not concede a single map to their rivals from Creepwave.

Based on the results of the meetings that ended in the group stage, the fate of seven out of ten teams was determined. Brame, Creepwave and B8 Esports performed the best and finished in the top 3, which secured their entry into the upper bracket of the playoff stage. Nemiga Gaming and qwerty, in their turn, were located in the bottom two positions of the group table, which contributed to the elimination of the participants from the championship. Galactic Aliens and Khan took 7th and 8th places, respectively, with a score of 4-5, and therefore will advance to the lower bracket. Winstrike, V-Gaming and PuckChamp finished the journey with the same stats 5-4. Now they will have to fight in replays to determine which of the three deserves the most fourth place in the group table. The team, which will manage to overcome its two opponents, will advance to the upper bracket. The other two teams will be forced to descend to the lower bracket and continue their way there.


The Dota 2 Champions League started on September 18 and will end on October 6. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 50,000, and 10 participants are involved in its distribution among each other. All matches, except for the grand final, will be played in Bo3 format. The decisive match will take place in a series of up to three wins. The winner will claim the main prize of $ 25,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive $ 10,000 and $ 5,000, respectively.