NoPing e-sports are BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas Champions

BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas has come to an end. The grand final match was held with the participation of NoPing e-sports and INF.UESPORTS, and it cannot be called at least somewhat intriguing.

The first map was completed in 40 minutes and ended in victory for NoPing e-sports. The duration of the second one was a couple of minutes longer, but it still ended in victory for the same NoPing e-sports. The third map became quite fleeting and ended in 26 minutes in favor of NoPing, who were in the favorite status throughout the championship.

Let us remind you that in the final of the upper bracket, NoPing e-sports already defeated INF.UESPORTS, and after the won final in the lower bracket, the latter had the opportunity to take a revenge match from NoPing e-sports, but the players failed to realize their chance for revenge.

On the way to the grand final, NoPing e-sports beat D2 Hustlers 2-1 in the upper bracket, and then INF.UESPORTS 2-0. INF.UESPORTS, in turn, prevailed in the first round of the upper bracket against TEAM TEAM with a score of 2-0, after which, as mentioned above, they were defeated in the fight against NoPing with a score of 0-2 and beat D2 Hustlers in the final. bottom bracket with a score of 2-0.

It will not be superfluous to remember that NoPing e-sports and INF.UESPORTS took the first two lines in the table of group stage participants, which means that the teams were in good shape throughout the championship.

We remind you that towards the end of July NoPing e-sports made a substitution in their Dota 2 roster, replacing William 'hFn' Medeiros with Christian 'Pakazs' Savina. The team managed to play so well in a couple of months that they won the championship, which undoubtedly deserves respect.

BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas ran from September 7th to 26th. The total prize fund of the tournament was $ 40,000, and 10 teams were involved in its distribution among each other. The main cash prize was $ 16,000, while the silver medalist took $ 9,200 with him. All matches, except for the grand final, were played in the Bo3 format. The last fight took place in a series of up to three wins.

BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas Results