BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas: NoPing e-sports made it to the grand finals

The final match in the upper bracket of the playoff stage took place that night. There, NoPing e-sports and INF.UESPORTS went head-to-head against each other.

The fight was not very long and not very intriguing. On the first map, players from NoPing e-sports won in 29 minutes. The second map ended 33 minutes after the start. INF.UESPORTS could not take any cards and were defeated with a score of 0-2. NoPing e-sports became the first grand finalist, but INF.UESPORTS will now have to fight D2 Hustlers in the final of the lower bracket and beat their opponents in order to get the right to play in the final match.

A couple of hours later, the confrontation between D2 Hustlers and INF.UESPORTS starts. Both teams fell into the lower bracket after being defeated against NoPing e-sports in the upper bracket, and therefore the winner of the match will have the opportunity to take revenge on NoPing e-sports.


BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas runs from September 7th and ends today. The total prize fund of the tournament is $ 40,000, and 10 teams are involved in its distribution among each other. The winner will take home the main cash prize of $ 16,000, while the silver medalist will take away $ 9,200. All matches, except for the grand final, are played in the Bo3 format. The last fight will take place in a series of up to three wins.