WESG 2018: Windigo Gaming won over MIBR

At the picking stage, Windigo put away Nuke and Mirage, and MIBR decided to refuse from Cache and Inferno. The Bulgarian chose Dust 2, and the Brazilian opted for Train, after that Overpass became the decisive map.

Dust 2 resulted in a confident win for Windigo, giving their opponents only eight rounds. At the pick of MIBR, on Train, the game followed almost the same scenario. There the collective choosing the map also lost only 8 rounds and got a win and it means that MIBR led the game to a draw and brought it to the third map. On Overpass the battle was equal and its results were that Windigo Gaming won 16-13.

FalleN and his team ended up their participation in the tournament on the 5-8 place and got a consolation money prize of $10,000. Meanwhile, Windigo Gaming provided themselves with a minimum prize of $50,000. At the next match they are going to meet with the winner of the pair Absolute vs G2 Esports.

As a reminder, WESG 2018 is taking place on 11-17 March. The winner will get the main money prize of $500,000.