VP win DH Bucharest 2016

During three weeks 8 teams fought for DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest champion title and $100 000 prize pool. Polish players from Virtus.pro managed to prove that they were the strongest team in this event.

Previously, 6 teams received direct invitations from the tournament organizers, Gambit and Heroic joined the roster through qualifier series of matches.

There were two stages in the championship: group stage and play-off. Virtus.pro, dignitas, Cloud9 and EnVyUs succeeded in the group stage. In the first semi-final, Virtus.Pro played against dignitas, and in the second match, Cloud9 and EnVyUs completed for a win. In result, VP and Cloud9 managed to win the maps and got the chance to join grand final.

In the final match, VP took de_train 16:9 map, and got the same result in de_cobblestone map. Due to this, Virtus.Pro became DH Bucharest 2016 champion.

Prize pool:

1 place: Virtus.pro - $50,000

2 place: Cloud9 - $20,000

3-4 place: dignitas - $10,000

3-4 place: EnVyUs - $10,000

5-6 place: FaZe - $3,000

5-6 place: Heroic - $3,000

7-8 place: FlipSid3 - $2,000

7-8 place: Gambit - $2,000