Valiance signed Binary Dragons

The Serbian team, that previously had played under the tag Binary Dragons, joined Valiance, having signed a contract with it.

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After the team had left Binary Dragons, players received an offer from the eSports organization Valiance, that had Vainglory, Overwatch rosters, and others.

One of the team’s players, Nestor «LETN1» Tanic commented this event in the following way:

«Today is a big day for our team. In the past year we had great accomplishments and from now on we will have a team of extraordinary people behind us with the same goals as us. We will continue with hard work and try with even more effort to go beyond our expectations and to justify the trust of Valliance&Co and our fans! Thanks for believing in us.»

The Valiance roster:

Luka «emi» Vuković
Nestor «LETN1» Tanić
Đorđe «DJOXiC» Niciforović
Nemanja «huNter» Kovač
Anel «NENO» Ceković

Darko «soLo» Mitić (coach)