The qualifiers to ESL Pro League Season 9 Asia will be hosted on March 25-26

Such teams as 5Power Gaming, MVP PK, Panda Gaming, IPet Gaming, Ignis, Storm Rider, EHOME, and Team Aster will fight for two invitations in China.

With regard to Southeast Asia, three invites will be up for grabs for such rosters as Beyond Esports, B.O.O.T, Lucid Dream, TNC Pro Team, ALPHA Red, Rex Regum Qeon, Maple Club, and BOOM ID there.

On March 27, five qualified teams will join TYLOO and Vici Gaming, which received invitations to EPL #9 Asia. Entity Gaming has made it to the Asian league through India Premiership.

All participants of ESL Pro League Season 9 Asia will divide the only invite to EPL #9 Finals, which prize pool will amount $750,000.