Tengri signed flomaster and hippo

The Kazakh esports organization announced changes in their CS:GO roster.

Roma «flomaster» Tsay and Nurbol «hippo» Dyussembayev are joined Tengri.

The team has been looking for the fifth permanent players since Bektiyar «fitch» Bahytov moved to Gambit eSports to replace Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko who left the team.

Hippo is mainly known for his playing for zARLANS, and flomaster for being a member of AVANGAR.

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One of the players, Aleksandr «SNk» Semkin had to move to inactive because of family circumstances.

New Tengri roster is as following:

Ramazan «Ramz1k» Bashizov
Anuar «sonic» Abu
Bakir «pachanga» Kurbanaliev
Roma «flomaster» Tsay
Nurbol "hippo» Dyussembayev
Aleksandr "SNk» Semkin (inactive)