Stewie2K: «For now, we are not scared of anybody»

My congratulations on your first victory. What do you think about Heroic? You won the first map pretty easy but the second map was tough enough. What is your opinion about that?

I think that they might underestimate us on de_overpass. I think we are actually good on de_overpass. A lot of teams haven’t known that yet. But we can approve that de_overpass is a pretty good map. We beat some good teams there at the Major. As for de_inferno, I think we got a little ahead of ourselves. We knew we would win the game. But we just had to play in the right way and to make sure we were all coordinating and not making an individual play as it had been on de_overpass. So we just had to play collectively.

Okay, and what about the second match? What opponent would you prefer to play?

We are ready to play against anyone. For now, we are not scared of anybody. We are just trying to play our own game and get better every day. We are trying to get more consistent and play more as a team.

Let’s talk about the latest tournaments. For example, cs_summit 2. What has happened there? You lost to Team Liquid in the grand final.

I think we have all burned out from CS at cs_summit 2. We have been playing CS for so much. And when I returned home after the finals I played a lot as well. Even playing at home, I felt an injury from the finals still. And we were practicing every day. But I realized that I didn’t get over there psychical but I had to. Once you accomplish something so big and it drains so much life out of you, you have to get over there psychical. The last step was just to beat Liquid but we got complacent, didn’t play our own game and let them control the pace of the game. We gave them to win I think. But they played really well.

I would like to ask you about ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. How was it? What were your emotions from the grand final?

Even after the end of regulation, I felt like I was all in the game. There was really nothing around me except my teammates in my life and in my monitor and the background noise of the crowd. I think everyone was getting very emotional even the other team. I have never been so stressful in CS and I think that’s my the most intense game ever.

How did you prepare for the final match? Did you even know that you had a chance to win the grand final against FaZe Clan?

We were on the roll. I think we were there from the group stage. Once we started winning voluntary, we started communicating more outside the game, making game plans for the whole team and talking about what we would do. We just started winning and didn’t change our plans from there. Even before FaZe, we knew our record against them was not that good but for some reason, as for me, we were really confident. We knew we were going to win that game. We knew it was going to be tough. But we never felt that we would lose the game. Before the match, Valens and Tarik got the team prepared really well.

After StarLadder, you are going to ESL One Katowice. You will be there for three weeks. Are you going home to have a bootcamp then or you will have it there?

I think we will go home.

Do you have any thoughts about Katowice? Will it be more difficult for you than the previous tournaments?

We can’t get too ahead of ourselves like I had said before. I will practice hard at this tournament. We are all jetlagged but I think we are pretty prepared to switch the time zone. ESL One Katowice is a really great tournament. We are going to try our best, to practice a lot on our breaks. So we will try to prepare the best out of this.