[Updated] Seized may leave Natus Vincere

The insider, known as “Nel”, informed on his official Twitter page that the player of the team Natus Vincere, Denis «seized» Kostin had proved unable to cope with his objectives and asked the head of the organization to kick him from the main roster. At the moment, either the player or representatives of the organization haven’t commented the situation, however, Denis had written the following “tweet” a few days ago:

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Denis «seized» Kostin joined Natus Vincere in August 2013 and during the time passed under the tag of the eSports club, he could help the team to win StarLadder StarSeries XIII, Electronic Sports World Cup 2015, Intel Extreme Masters X - San Jose, DreamHack Leipzig 2016 and ESL One: New York 2016. Also, the team held prize places with Denis on the roster at various times.

Updated: Denis «seized» left the main roster of the organization. As a replacement for the upcoming tournaments, Aleksey «1uke» Zimin will play at the upcoming tournaments as a stand-in, who is listed on the roster of Team Spirit Academy. According to the CEO of the organization HellRaisers, Alexey «xaoc» Kucherov, Denis «electronic» Sharipov will become a new player of Natus Vincere.

The actual Natus Vincere roster:

Denis «seized» Kostin (asked about departure)
Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev
Egor «flamie» Vasilyev
Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev
Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko
Mykhailo «Kane» Blagin (coach)