Results of yesterday's matches of ESL Pro League Season 9

In Europe FaZe Clan won over the representatives of Heroic by the score of 2-1 successfully. Meanwhile, Ninjas in Pyjamas were not able to to defeat their opponents from Now FaZe hold the first place in the bracket of the group stage having statistics of 2-0. and Ninjas in Pyjamas have taken the 2 and 3 places having one win and one loss each while Heroic keep the last place losing against their opponents twice.

In North America Team Liquid cemented their leadership winning one of the matches with compLexity Gaming by the score of 2-1. Ghost Gaming also earned the second win after the triumph over Lazarus Esports by the score of 2-0, but if we take a look at their won and lost rounds, they are really far from Liquid. At the tournament bracket the 1 and 2 places are taken by Team Liquid and Ghost Gaming, correspondingly. As for the 3 and 4 positions, they are held by compLexity Gaming and Lazarus Esports.

If we check the results of the Asian division, there Alpha Red and Lucid Dream became victorious after the matches with their opponents. Thanks to the fact that Lucid Dream's victory over Entity Gaming became the second at the group stage, the team got to the top of the bracket. Meanwhile, Alpha Red and B.O.O.T took the 2 and 3 places correspondingly while Entity Gaming stopped at the 4 position.