paiN Gaming has signed the CS:GO roster

On March 15 the Brazilian eSports organization bought all players of the team Cyclone’s CS:GO roster.

Cyclone signed players, who previously had been called TEAMMATE’s, on February 7. During the past one month and a half, the team was not able to achieve any results. Now paiN Gaming has decided to sign the CS:GO roster, which previously was under the tag of Cyclone.

paiN Gaming had the last CS:GO roster from August 6, 2016, to January 28, 2017. After this, the ways of the organization and eSportsmen separated and 4 players went to the team TOTOH.

The paiN Gaming’s roster:

Paulo «land1n» Felipe
Alef «tatazin» Pereira
Denis «dzt» Fischer
Gabriel «NEKIZ» Schenato
Marcelo «chelo» Cespedes