Out tips for the match North vs Heroic

Today, an interesting match between two Danish teams will be hosted at cs_summit 2. We will analyze and determine who is better to be bet on.

it is impossible to choose an obvious favorite in the upcoming match.

Both teams play on an enough good level. North and Heroic are in a good shape. But if you look at the history of past matches, you will see that North lost to SK Gaming in the previous match at cs_summit 2. It is worth to notice that they gave a great fight to the Brazilians, having finished the second map with a score 22-20 and were a step away from the victory on de_inferno. In its turn, Heroic achieved victory in the previous match against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the lower bracket with a score 2-1.

It is not worth to forget that SK Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas have absolutely different levels of play.

Let’s notice the fact that North has made changes to its CS:GO roster. The ex-player of Astralis Markus Kjaerbye joined the team, who made a positive impact on the results of the Danish team.

Odds 1,60 and lower are set in bookmakers, while this number amounts 2,30 and higher for Heroic.

We stand in solidarity with the opinion of the major part of viewers and think that North should come to this match more prepared than their opponents. Besides these factors, let’s remind that Heroic has already played one match today. They won Ninjas in Pyjamas, having played with them on three maps. Due to this, the players of Heroic can be a bit tired and not realize their potential. This means that North has an advantage against Heroic in this aspect.

We think that it would be good to bet on North in this match but the sum of the bet has to be lower than a usual one as teams are almost equal in strength.