OpTic Gaming do not change the roster

OpTic Gaming CEO Hector «HECZ» Rodriguez announced that Oscar «mixwell» Cannelas and Will «RUSH» Wierzba remain to be the players of OpTic Gaming.

On esports portal Slingshot eSports, the rumors appeared that Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming may exchange the players. Hector Rodriguez decided not to support these rumors and refute them.

However, the situation was not over. The author of publication started to argue with OpTic Gaming CEO on reddit.

A popular insider DeKay, who provides a truthful information about changes in roster, told that Hector Rodriguez might have been lying. DeKay tells that OpTic Gaming has previously refuted rumors that have been truthful.

The post about transfer of OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid players has been published on March 13. According to the sources of DeKay, OpTic want to exchange mixwell and RUSH for Jacob «Pimp» Winneche and Joshua «jdm64» Marzano. Later, DeKay told that the transaction will be completed with 50% possibility, and the negotiations about transfer were slowed down because of the demands of the players to the new teams.

In the previous season, OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid have already exchanged players. In result, OpTic Gaming exchanged Piter «stanislaw» Jarguz for Spencer «Hiko» Martin, who became a temporal player.

OpTic Gaming roster:

Keith «NAF» Markovic
Will «RUSH» Wierzba
Oscar «mixwell» Canellas
Tarik «tarik» Celik
Spencer «Hiko» Martin