NRG eSports tore up a contract with a coach

Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu did not manage to hold out on a coach position for NRG eSports even for a month.

The representatives of NRG eSports esports organization announced saying farewell to the CS:GO roster coach, who was also CEO of the roster.

Luis became a coach for NRG eSports on November 18, 2016. During this period, he did not assist a team in reaching expected achievements. NRG eSports participated in Northern Arena 2016 - Montreal but did not pass the group stage, taking only the third position.

Previously, Tadeu was a coach of Team Liquid, Tempo Storm and Games Academy. Being a coach, Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu took the first place in CEVO Gfinity Season 9 Finals and the second place in DreamHack Austin 2016.

Luis announced that he would not quit the professional CS:GO arena, but he did not announce what he is going to do next.