iGame exclude zehN

Recently, the information appeared that Jesse «zehN» Linjala left the Finnish CS:GO team.

A player was withdrawn because of the controversies with other team members. Juho «juhob» Lampinen was invited as a standin for zehN to the team.

iGame played their debut matches in iGame Winter Invitational and managed to pass to the play-off series winning iNation but losing against BIG. The team will play with juhob on the upcoming Assembly Winter 2017.

Jesse Linjala has been playing for iGame since December 2016. Joining the team, he replaced Twista, who became the coach of the team. Together with iGame, zehN managed to take 3-4 places on World Cyber Arena 2016 and 5-6 places on WESG 2016.

iGame roster:

Eetu «sAw» Saha
Lasse «ZOREE» Uronen
Saku «SAGGERTON» Jokinen
Sami «xseveN» Laasanen
Juho «Juhob» Lampinen (standin)
Slaava «Twista» Räsänen (coach)