HLTV to announce TOP-30 rosters: June, 2016

HLTV to announce TOP-30 rosters: June, 2016

June has introduced some changes into the list of the best CS:GO rosters, created by hltv.org. Due to the latest events, some teams took better positions, while other rosters lost points.

The main events to influence the results are DreamHack Summer 2016, ESL Major Qualifier, ELEAGUE and ECS S1.

Online results are not counted, only the results during LAN-tours.

Current list of TOP CS:GO rosters is as following:

  1. SK Gaming: fnx, FalleN, fer, coldzera, TACO (-)
  2. G2 Esports: ScreaM, shox, RpK, SmithZz, bodyy (+3)
  3. fnatic: JW, dennis, olofmeister, KRIMZ, flusha (-)
  4. Ninjas in Pyjamas: pyth, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, friberg (-)
  5. Natus Vincere: Zeus, GuardiaN, seized, flamie, Edward (-3)
  6. EnVyUs: kennyS, apEX, DEVIL, Happy, NBK (+2)
  7. Astralis: Kjaerbye, dupreeh, Xyp9x, karrigan, device (-1)
  8. Virtus.Pro: NEO, pashaBiceps. Snax, TaZ, byali (-1)
  9. Immortals: hen1, lucas, boltz, SHOOWTiME, felps (-)
  10. GODSENT: znajder, pauf, pronax, Lekr0, twist (+3)
  11. Team Liquid: Pimp, Hiko, jdm64, EliGE, nitr0 (-1)
  12. Team SoloMid: FNS, Twistzz, SicK, SEMPHIS, autimatic (+11)
  13. mousesports: spiidi, NiKo, nex, chrisJ, denis (-1)
  14. dignitas: cajunb, k0nfig, MSL, tenzki, RUBINO (-)
  15. Cloud9: Stewie2k, n0thing, shroud, Slemmy, Skadoodle (+1)
  16. OpTic Gaming: daps, RUSH, NAF, mixwell, stanislaw (-1)
  17. FaZe Clan: aizy, rain, fox, kioShiMa, jkaem (+1)

18, TyLoo: Mo, DD, fancy1, somebody, AttackeR (-1)

  1. HellRaisers: ANGE1, bondik, STYKO, Zero, ? (-8)
  2. Gambit Gaming: mou, AdreN, hooch, Dosia, spaze (+10)
  3. Team-X: Acilion, Friis, gla1ve, valde, MODDII (-2)
  4. Kinguin: SZPERO, mouz, MICHU, innocent, MINISE (-1)
  5. FlipSid3.ESP: B1ad3, wayLander, markeloff, WorldEdit, Shara (+4)
  6. Team Orbit: dream3r, v1c7oR, bubble, nkl, spyleadeR (-2)
  7. Epsilon eSports: xelos, draken, disco doplan, REZ, freddieb (+1)
  8. Counter Logic Gaming: pita, koosta, tarik, reltuC. hazed (-6)
  9. ENCE Esports: allu, naSu, suNny, juho, hartE (-3)
  10. ex-Renegades: yam, jks, USTILO, AZR, ? (-3)
  11. Selfless: Relyks, MAiNLiNE, Nifty, CONNOR93, m1tch (+2)
  12. Splyce: arya, DAVEY, jasonR, ?, ? (-1)

(July 7, 2016)

But these results are soon to be changed, as right now we follow one of the most important events in esports arena – Major ESL One Cologne 2016. Winner of this Major will definitely take the first place in HLTV TOP list.