G2 eSports and SK Gaming go to New York

G2 eSports and SK Gaming go to New York

ESL organizers have already told some details of upcoming championship, which is going to take place in New York, October 1-2. Barclays Center (Brooklyn, NY) will host the event. Stadium capacity is about 18 000 people.

8 teams will join the competition for $250,000 prize pool. All the teams will be chosen by organizers. It means, that probably no new teams join the event. Still, with all the top teams from around the world the competition is going to be tough and interesting to watch.

G2 eSports, who won ECS Season 1 event this weekend, received an invitation, as well as SK Gaming. Now, SK Gaming is represented by 5 Brazilian players who previously played for

Luminosity Gaming.

ESL One: New York 2016 list of participants

G2 eSports: shox, Smithzz, ScreaM, RpK, bodyy

SK Gaming: Taco, FalleN, fnx, fer, coldzera