Epsilon eSports presented a roster for a new season


Epsilon eSports presented a roster for a new season

Representatives of the organization Epsilon eSports have announced a new main roster for the season, which includes Owen «smooya» Butterfield and Cosmin-Mihai «cosmeeeN» Butuc and the rest vacant slots have been held by the cyber-sportsmen that had not played in the ranks of the Belgian eSports club before.

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The comment of Owen «smooya» Butterfield:

«The team was fully my idea, I hand-picked the players myself and tried to build a team in which cosmeeeN and myself can show our full potential. Our main goal is to make Pro League before 2019, and I'm confident we can make some big upsets with this team. We also want to be top 30/35 within 6 months by playing cups featured on HLTV and so on. We haven't practised much, but so far we're happy with how it's going as everyone is doing their job just fine»

The new roster of Epsilon eSports:

Owen «smooya» Butterfield
Kia «Surreal» Man
Robin «robiin» Sjögren
Konstantinos «tsack» Theodoropoulos
Cosmin-Mihai «cosmeeeN» Butuc



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