coldzera: «New map veto is a huge overpower for the higher-seeded teams»

First of all, was it difficult for you to reach the top 8?

No, it was not hard. I think that we played really bad on the T side in our last game against BIG. We had a lot of mistakes. But it was not a hard game. Probably, there could be 3:0 but we lost. You know that we had played de_overpass for a few days to prepare for Immortals. So we prepared a lot and we won.

You said that you were playing on de_overpass against Immortals. What do you think about the new map veto?

I think that the new map veto is a huge overpower for the higher-seeded teams. Because you can ban two maps and the other team can, also, ban two but they pick the map. And the higher-seeded team picks the side. So I think this is stupid. I think that to pick and then to randomize would be better.

Did you expect from FaZe Clan to play 0:3? What do you think was the reason for that?

I watched games of FaZe. They are a surprise for me. They have lost 3:0 but their play is completely different. They had a bad CT side on few maps. They just tried to defend all the time in the skill and played really bad. But the T side was good.

What about BIG? Did you expect that they would go 3:0 and would be in the top 2 like Gambit?

So, BIG is a new team. We have practiced with them a lot of times. They played really good. I think the bug has helped a lot. It is common, everyone did this then. For example, they put their enemies on the fire on the first round. This is stupid and there will be no surprise if they win. They are a good team. Gob b is a nice captain. Gambit has, also, proved a lot of times that they are really good. They played great at the last Major, got “the Legend” spot. These teams are not so different, they have played really very well.

You won five tournaments over the last three months. How did you do that? What was your preparation?

We try to analyze other teams before the match. Sometimes we create a new strategy for a play against them or we just play our game and try not to get nervous. That’s why we win a lot. We never play nervous, we just play, see what’s happening, improve sometimes. I think we are on the right way now.

This is the first Major for felps. How is he? Has he adapted?

I think he had a little bit of pressure over the first three laps. He didn’t show his game style but he did everything, which was possible for him. And today he has played really good, calmer, in his style and that’s why he is so good.

The last question. What do you expect from this Major? Only to win?

I expect to win as we are better at the playoff. We play on the stage, thinking so. I think the teams need to be afraid because we are in this tournament.