BIG made some changes in their CS:GO roster

Today the representatives of the eSports organization reported on their website that they had renewed their CS:GO roster.

Two esportsmen joined the roster: ex-player of ALTERNATE aTTaX, Tizan «tiziaN» Feldbusch and Niels «luckeRRR» Jasiek. BIG decided to sign tiziaN and luckeRRR was taken from EYES ON U.

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Nikola «LEGIJA» Ninic will help the team at the upcoming match against EnVyUs, which will be held as a part of MDL Premier League today at 5:30 p.m. (UTC +0).

Nikola «LEGIJA» Ninic:

«After our roster change in early February 2018, we focused on integrating Niels “LuckeRRR” Jasiek into our game. Despite the fact, that he joined the team with just 3000 hrs of playtime and the resulting lack of experience, Niels “LuckeRRR” Jasiek did a great job in general. He proved himself during the WESG in China, especially while playing against SK Gaming, Wololos and Team Russia.

However, we came to the conclusion that we needed a different kind of AWPer, particularly with regards to the playing style. It was a team decision, we really tried to make it work, but we weren’t 100% satisfied with the results at the end. Now we are looking into other options.

In the meantime, I will join the starting roster for the upcoming ESL Pro League Play-Offs as a stand-in and take over the AWP position together with tabseN. A BIG “Thank you” to all the people who keep supporting us, we’ll give our best during the upcoming ESL Pro League Playoffs.»