Astralis and North received invite to BLAST Pro Series

RFRSH company, responsible for organization of BLAST Pro Series, announced that two Danish teams received invites to the event.

Last month, RFRSH Entertainment announced a new series of international events BLAST Pro Series, the first tournament will take place in Royal Arena, Copenhagen.

Astralis and North became two first teams to get invitations. In general, 6 teams will participate in the tournament and will compete for the prize pool of $250,000.

The tournament attracted attention since the organizers revealed information that there would be only 6 teams and all of them will play simultaneously on a big arena. Spectators will choose the sounds of the match they want to watch by using headset.

Peter «dupreeh» Rasmussen, Astralis team player, commentaries:

«It is going to be crazy to play in front of a Danish crowd. And already knowing now, we are going to face North as well in front of 10.000 fans, only makes it even bigger.

You definitely have to experience it before you truly understand it. It’s awesome to play in a packed arena and doing it on home turf with 10,000 people in the audience makes it even more awesome.

Many people have never experienced a live tournament, but all I can say for you is: Look forward to this! It is going to be huge.»

The information about remaining 4 teams will be revealed on August 31, when the ticket sale will start.

List of participants:

Invite #3
Invite #4
Invite #5
Invite #6