arki moves to reserve

x6tence organization decided to move Omar «arki» Chakkor to the reserve from the position of the main player.

Nevertheless, the player will participate in the upcoming matches playing for x6tence till the management find a replacement for a player.

However, this is not the only change in the team. Manuel «MaseN1» Serrano joined x6tence and took a position of the analyst.

x6tence roster was created January 20. For the past time, the team took 5-8 place on Assembly Winter 2017 and 4th place on Over The Limits Cup #1. x6tence tried to qualify to DreamHack Austin 2017, DreamHack Tours 2017, GeForce Cup 2017, ESL One Cologne 2017, Europe Minor 2017 — Krakow и DreamHack Valencia 2017, but none of the attempts was successful.

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To change the situation for better, the management decided to reshuffle the roster.

x6tence's lineup:

Aitor «SOKER» Fernández
David «Kairi» de Miguel
Galder «bladE» Barcena
Antonio «FlipiN» Rivas del Rey

Omar «arki» Chakkor (substitute)
Laratz «dracU» Domínguez (coach)
Manuel «MaseN1» Serrano