Allu left ENCE starting roster

Alexi 'allu' Yalli, one of the most emblematic ENCE players, announced that he took a break from cooperation with the Finnish esports organization. On his Twitter account, the esportsman said that the decision was one of the most difficult in his career.

Allu wrote the following:

“This decision was one of the most difficult in my career. The end of 2020 with difficult years and minimal interruptions affected me negatively. Continuing to walk, not using time for treatment and reflection, I was extremely exhausted and tired both in the game and outside her.

This feeling made me realize that I need a time out in order to continue playing and competing in the game that I love. I want to return as soon as possible and am immensely grateful to the people who supported me in all my difficulties. See you soon".

Alexi 'allu' Yalli joined ENCE on March 12, 2018 and a Finnish CS: GO roster was built around him. The team won together with allu in such championships as StarSeries & i-League CS: GO Season 6, DreamHack Open Winter 2018, Europe Minor Championship - Katowice 2019 and BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Showdown. In addition, the team became a silver medalist at Intel Extreme Masters XIII - Katowice Major 2019 and other championships. Especially popular came to ENCE just during IEM Katowice Major 2019, and their fellow countrymen made the video EZ 4 ENCE, which collected 12,000,000 views, and the track was later made into a music set in CS: GO.

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