Device could become a FaZe Clan player

Philip 'aizy' Aystrup was interviewed by Duncan 'Thorin' Shields, in which he revealed that device may have joined the FaZe Clan in 2016. He said that in this way the team could compete with Astralis for the best team in Denmark.

“When I was in North, it seemed to me that Astralis was at the top, but at least we had the second strongest Danish squad. Therefore, at the very beginning of the project we were sure that we were only slightly behind Astralis. I can't say that at some point we had negotiations with one of the superstars. I remember that during FaZe Clan we talked with device about the transition to the team. At what exact moment this happened, I don't remember. It seems he should have played with olofmeister. "

During the period mentioned in the interview, aizy played with North, and device with Astralis. Together with the latter, he managed to win such championships as DreamHack Open Montreal 2017, DreamHack Open Tours 2018, DreamHack Open Valencia 2018, DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 and others. Astralis at that time completely dominated the CS: GO scene, won four Major tournaments and became the first team to hold the world rankings for over a year.

Nikolai 'device' Ridtz joins NiP. His debut with the Swedish team will take place on May 14 at Flashpoint Season 3.