EPL Season 13: FURIA Esports became the fourth semi-finalist

The quarterfinal matches of ESL Pro League Season 13 have come to an end, just like the performance of Astralis and Complexity Gaming at this tournament. FURIA Esports turned out to be triumphant in the duel with the Danish team. Astralis could not take a single map from FURIA, and on Train they took only two rounds.

Thus, Astralis, as well as Complexity Gaming, finished their performance in the championship and took 5-6 place in the standings. The monetary remuneration of the teams was $ 35,000 and $ 30,000, respectively.

In the semifinals, Heroic will face off against FURIA Esports, and Gambit Esports will face off against NiP. The fights will be held on the 10th and 11th.



EPL # 13 started on March 8th and will end on April 11th. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 750,000. The winner will take home $ 175,000 + bonus for won matches in the group stage, and the vice-champion - $ 60,000 + bonus.