NBK- and kennyS can reunite?

On YouTube-channel RivalryCSGO an interview with a former player in the starting lineup OG Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt. There he announced that NBK- and kennyS again want to play together like in the old days.

"KennyS and I would like to play together again. It is not easy now to create a team or join any collective because of the pandemic and the state of affairs on the professional scene. It is rather our desire, and we can not say that we will definitely build something together. But it is in the air. I want to be open to any suggestions and just chat with someone whose goals and desires coincide with mine. Let's see where we can be together and what we see as a team. "

NBK- and kennyS played together from 2015 to 2017 as part of Team EnVyUs, after which they moved under the banner of G2 Esports and played there until 2018. Later, the French parted ways when NBK- continued his career in Team Vitality, and kennyS was transferred to the asset in early March.