MAD Lions signed a new CS: GO roster

The MAD Lions announced on their website that they have signed an all-international squad of six players and a coach. The up-and-coming Ukrainian player Volodymyr 'Woro2k' Veletnyuk also entered it. In addition to Vladimir, the roster will include tudsoN, keen, jL, sausol and TMB, who appeared in the team on January 29 and became the only remaining player from the old roster. The management presented all six players as the main ones, and therefore, most likely, a six-player model will be used in the new international team.

On March 16, it became known that coach Jakub 'kuben' Gurchinsky will train MAD Lions players.

2021 started with big changes for the Danish organization. The club decided to disband the entire CS: GO roster, leaving only Thomas 'TMB' Bundsback in it.

Updated roster of MAD Lions