Dexter shared his thoughts on moving to mousesports

The new in-game leader of the international mousesports team gave an interview for the HLTV portal, in which he spoke about several interesting points.

According to the Australian newcomer mousesports, Christopher was "hungry for games" in his home country and therefore could never experience what he can now in the ranks of mouz. Now being in Europe and playing in an international lineup, dexter is doing very well and does not regret his decision to move to mouz:

“There are two main reasons[for my transition], one of which is definitely that the pandemic has stalled my career in Australia for a whole year. I felt like I was stuck there and needed to break out. I just had nothing to `` eat. '' When an offer from mousesports came up, I thought this was the best opportunity for me to achieve my career goals and grow as a captain. <...> In fact, I had several offers from other teams. But the ultimate reason I chose mousesports was the ability to grow without pressure. "

Now dexter will need to communicate with his new teammates and make sure they are ready to continue working at the same pace. Surprisingly, the Australian does not feel any pressure before his debut fight at IEM Katowice 2021. Note in a special way that there mousesports will fight his former teammates from Renegades.

“This match, like any other match in Katowice, is just another game for us. People love to spin the drama and write about best-of-1. In fact, we don't have any pressure or expectations right now. We are a new roster with a lot of problems that require work and solutions. So regardless of the outcome, I hope the team will use the tournament as a springboard for further progress. "