ENCE relieved Twista from coaching duties

The coaching bug boom continues. This time, ENCE is at the center of the story. Twista was discovered to be abusing a bug that allowed the team to unfairly gain an advantage over their rivals.

ENCE contacted the Integrity Commission in e-sports, and consulted with them. The latter reported that Twista could safely continue to work in the squad, but the management of the Finnish team decided to remove their mentor from work. It is noteworthy that a mistake in his coaching activity was made in 2017, when the Finn switched to the position of a coach after completing his playing activity. Then he helped the players from iGame. He remained in the squad until August 2018, after which he moved to the ranks of ENCE. It is not yet clear where exactly and to what extent Slaava Rasanen took advantage of the error.

At the moment zoneR, HUNDEN and dead are the only coaches who have received formal punishments and now cannot be admitted to the championships from ESL and DreamHack for 0.5-2 years. As the investigation progresses, the referees may later tell of new cases where the coaches of any teams used dishonest methods to achieve victory in the match.