DreamHack announced a winter tournament. NAVI and Astralis will perform there

The event will be held online, and representatives of four regions will be able to take part in it. Teams from Europe, America, Oceania and Asia will share $ 250,000.

Europe, as usual, will get the tidbit in the form of $ 150,000, and 16 teams will distribute this fund. The teams will start from the group stage, where they will be divided into two groups of eight rosters each. The teams will fight in the classic format: the group stage in the double-elimination bracket, and the playoffs in the single-elimination bracket. The competition will be held in the same way in North America, but with eight participants and a prize pool of $ 70,000.

In Asia and Oceania, everything will be different from what is happening in Europe and America. Firstly, the number of participants will be only 4 teams, secondly, they will share prize pools of $ 15,000, and thirdly, the format of the event will be much easier. The teams will immediately go to the playoffs and fight in the double-elimination bracket. The grand final will take place in the Bo5 series, and the team that gets there through the upper bracket will have the advantage of one of the initially won map.

At the moment, we know four European teams that have confirmed their participation in the championship, as well as two American teams that will compete at DreamHack Winter 2020. Europe will be represented by Astralis, Complexity Gaming, G2 Esports and Natus Vincere, and America - by Evil Genises and Team Liquid... The rest of the event participants will be announced later.