Former Hard Legion Esports coach meets with the head of the esports organization

Alexander 'zoneR' Bogatyrev told in his VKontakte group that he met with the head of the Hard Legion club, Alexei 'Hard Play' Baranov. In a friendly atmosphere, they discussed all the conflicts that arose between them. Alexey commented on his recording and said that he was glad to have a personal conversation with Alexander. The latter can presumably return to the active roster.

On the night of June 24-25, it became known that zoneR left Hard Legion Esports not of his own free will. The reasons for his exclusion were the unsatisfactory results of the CS: GO roster and the behavior of Alexander Bogatyrev. In his post, zoneR said that he left the location of the esports organization due to a "violation of chain of command", informing along the way about not the most suitable working conditions in the club.