CS: GO received an update

Now in CS: GO, the damage to your teammates from Decoy Grenade has been completely removed, and the mapping pool in matchmaking has been redesigned. Chlorine and Jungle were replaced by Munity and Swamp. They will appear in Casual, Deathmatch and Scrimmage modes.

When CS: GO starts, the game will have a Trusted Mode statis that prevents third-party programs from interfering with the gameplay. Despite this, a command (-allow_third_party_software) appeared in CS: GO, which allows you to remove the lock in Trusted Mode.

In addition to all the technical issues and changes in the official matchmaking map pool, Valve did some work on textures. The Desert Eagle's back view has now been limited, and the issue with texture restoration in Workshop on low quality GPU settings has been fixed.

If you want to read the full and detailed list of changes in CS: GO, we suggest you go to the official developer blog by clicking on this link.