Kjaerbye is no longer a North player

On the official website of the North organization, it was reported that Marcus "Kjaerbye" Kebu is leaving the esports club. Not so long ago, a player left the base due to health problems and never returned.

The player himself specified that he would continue his career, but he needed a little more time to recover.

Current North Composition:

Philip "aizy" Aistrup
Renee "Cajunb" Borg
Matthias "MSL" Lauridsen
Niklas "gade" Gade

Recall that Marcus spent about two years at the base of North and during this time helped the roster win DreamHack Open Tours 2018, DreamHack Open Valencia 2018, DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018, DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 and other, but smaller tournaments.