WePlay! Clutch Island: Do not miss the first match of today's gaming day!

Earlier we talked about the successes of teams in the group stage of WePlay! Clutch Island. If you missed our digest of events, then we invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

We also reported on what we think about the match between NAVI and Nemiga. If you have not found our forecast, you can do this by clicking on this link.

Today will be two matches. In the first of them, NAVI and Nemiga will fight, and in the second - Virtus.pro and Team Spirit. The winners of the matches will meet in the finals of the upper bracket, and the losers will compete for the right to further participate in the lower bracket.


WePlay! Clutch Island started on June 16 and will end on the 28th. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 50,000, and 13 teams take part in its distribution. The winner will become the owner of the main prize in the form of $ 15,000 and 2,000 rating points.