ESIC to Suspend Three Coaches from PGL Major Antwerp 2022

Almost two years after the start of the investigation into the coaching bug, ESIC is ready to present fresh results on newly discovered exploit varieties. The Commission will reportedly suspend three coaches from the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 starting next Monday, May 9th.

At the same time, ESIC does not name specific names that fell under the sanctions, but is preparing to publish a full report just before the start of the championship in Belgium. At least 52 specialists are at risk, while some of them are prominent figures in the professional scene.

It has been reported in recent weeks that even more variants of the trainer bug have been discovered and that a significant number of trainers have been involved in its use, in addition to the 37 previously banned specialists.

In this context, ESIC decided to change the mechanism for assessing the severity of the violation, thereby issuing bans based on the number of rounds in which the coach had an advantage.

According to ESIC, the bug affected 47 professionals who were left out of the first wave of bans, bringing the total number of cases to 84. For them, the Commission will continue to follow the sanctions matrix adopted for the first wave of bans, while trainers will be temporarily suspended from participation in all events held by ESIC members.

However, coaches who appear on the shortlist can receive up to two years of ban.

As for the upcoming PGL Major Antwerp 2022, ESIC will suspend three coaches participating in the championship. It is almost certainly known that among them is a peacemaker, the accusations against which became known after the end of the RMR tournaments. In addition, such accusations were attributed to maLeK, who, however, will miss the major due to the elimination of Evil Geniuses in the qualifying championship.

However, having even three specialists could be a serious blow to both teams and the scene as a whole, as Valve could reinforce coach restrictions during official matches.