arT: "You could say that the signing of the saffee benefited FURIA"

arT, who is the captain of the Brazilian team FURIA, in an interview with shared his thoughts after entering PGL Major Antwerp 2022. In a conversation with a journalist, the player spoke about the qualities of saffee, the adaptation of a young drop player and the problems that the team will face at the major in Belgium.

Now you've qualified for the Legends Major, how much does that mean to you and the guys?

This is one of the most important championships of 2022 or even the last two years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Our main goal was to qualify and become "Legends". We've been focusing on this since the previous Major and we've achieved it.

You played with drop at the last major, how much has he improved since then?

He is different from saffee because he didn't play on any team. He didn't have any experience outside of Brazil, which definitely influenced his understanding of CS. In the last two tournaments we've played, drop has been more comfortable in his positions. He knows what to do in situations he didn't know about before. He has learned a lot and still has room to grow.

How did the arrival of the saffee change the team's playing style?

Now we can definitely say that the signing of the saffee benefited FURIA. It literally changed every aspect of our game. I can feel more comfortable going about my business, which includes getting information and conquering space on the map. When I make a certain play and it's successful, it's much easier to win the round. That said, even if I get killed, the team will have information, space, and a good sniper to finish what they started.

saffee is a very calm guy. He gives himself completely to the game, so he is very easy to deal with. He is also a very shrewd and talkative person who doesn't mind handing you an AK-47 if needed, or forgoing using the AWP on certain maps. Now on some maps he is learning to play in attack with automatic weapons. Its adaptability is impressive.

At the moment, instead of guerri, you have tacitus behind your back, is there a difference between them?

guerri can't join us at the major due to Valve 's stupid rule, so tacitus is doing his job. The main difference between the two is that guerri is more of a personal trainer, he knows when to give the team a boost. Tacitus is more of a strategist, his main position at the club is analyst. So trying to make up for the loss of a guerri is very difficult for him.

Recall that FURIA became the winner of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 American RMR, which was held from April 11 to 15 in Romania. Thanks to this victory, the Brazilian team qualified for the "Legends" PGL Major Antwerp 2022, and also earned $25,000.