NBK- announced his desire to continue his esports career

NBK- announced his desire to continue his esports career. On his Twitter, the 27-year-old French player shared his thoughts on his future and expressed his desire to return to the stage in any status.

I haven't been very active in the public field lately as I need to think carefully about my next move. I'm not going to end my career as a player. It seems to me that now I have become the best teammate outside the server than ever. And I'm enjoying the grind on my way to my best form. The past work on myself has paid off, and I'm sorry that I was not given more time to help my teammates and the team as a whole open up.

Everything is simple in my future. I started the year on a very positive trajectory, I enjoyed playing CS:GO every day before and after training. I want to keep all this in the new team. Now I need to become a more daring and always ready to fight player in order to regain my identity. The most important thing is to learn how to be useful so that my star teammate has the opportunity to prove himself.

If the team trusts me, and the club gives me time to share my ideas and establish myself in the chosen role, I am sure that I will be able to benefit the squad. In addition, with a new mindset and outlook, I can easily become a captain in a long-term project where there will be an opportunity to develop and grow together. I'm ready to start from scratch with a new team or move down a level to get comfortable in a new role and prove myself in a roster that has the potential to make it to the big tournaments.

The last team in NBK-'s career was MOUZ, for which the Frenchman played from January to March 2022. For two months, the 27-year-old player took part in Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Katowice and ESL Pro League Season 15, after which the organization decided to make changes in the starting lineup.

At the same time, NBK- has already notified MOUZ about the desire to join another team. The German organization promised to help the esportsman find a new club.